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Love what you eat and be healthy, with Chefs Marketplace.

Love what you eat and be healthy, with Chefs Marketplace.

We created Chefs Marketplace with the goal to help people live healthier, happier lives with less effort. It is a members-only meal subscription that delivers mouthwatering, chefs-inspired meals once a week to your door. Our menu consists of cuisines around world. Our meals are cooked fresh, individually-packaged, and can be heated up in the microwave or oven. We’re all about making proactive, healthy choices easier to adopt into your lifestyle.

Our board, made up of doctors, nutritionists, restaurateurs, former professional athletes and more, all share the same core belief: that eating wholesome foods promote vitality and longevity. We also believe that you can be healthy AND love what you eat at the same time. Unlike other diets that are rooted in a restrictive lifestyle, we focus on delivering meals that nourish your body while tasting delicious. We want you to live a longer, healthier life while enjoying what you eat... with Chefs Marketplace!

Meet the Founders

Mariana Rossano, Founder and CEO

Mariana Rossano is an entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in the Healthy Food Delivery business. Mariana’s instinctive marketing acumen positioned her to open and head Zone Gourmet in Los Angeles as the regions’ Chief Operating Officer. She then helped pioneer the development of a program for rapid weight loss at Hemma Foods (called Atkins at Home) and helped structure the world’s first oxygenated nationwide delivery program called Zone Nation. Mariana’s most recent passion projects are founding Chef's Marketplace. She has an eclectic group of investors from doctors, nutritionists, pro-athletes and other fellow entrepreneurs who are successful in their own right and have faith in her ability.

Kane Picoy, Co-Founder and President

Kane has 16+ years of food industry experience, including being the COO of Fresh Dining and Chef's Marketplace. He leads the Chef's Marketplace team with the aspiration to be the very best in all aspects of the Home Delivery industry. Kane’s extensive research and commitment to excellence inspires him to research and implement the most innovative concepts of top line food production facilities, in order to bring the highest level of service and product to Chef's Marketplace clients.